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What defines "gender?" Is is biology? Identity? A social construct?

As for some countries in the world, the government of the Kingdom of The Netherlands has recently implemented that it will no longer unnecessarily register if a person is a man or a woman, in the same way that one also does not have to register one’s religion, skin color, or intellect. Dutch officials are not to ask for the gender if it is not strictly necessary - such as for passports - for the time being. 

The establishment of Dutch independence in 1648 set off a flourishing epoch for painting. A distinctive feature of this “Dutch Golden Age: was the “genre painting” of which portraits of ordinary people proliferated and were new in Western painting. At the time ruffs, crimped or pleated, wide, and full, were the fashion for both men and women. Their placement around the neck affected posture, forcing the wearer to keep their chin up and assume a proud or haughty pose; they were a potent symbol of status and wealth. 

Double Dutch is a photography series portraying self-proclaimed men donned in thobes and ruffs made from a string of sanitary pads, which symbolizes female fertility, throttled around their necks. 

“Double Dutch” in British English means “a language that is impossible to understand”.

Process and Methods: 

“Noise” in digital photography refers to visual distortion that photographers try to avoid at any price. “Noise” is a random variation of image density and is defined as aberrant pixels, that is, pixels are not representing the color and exposure correctly, and remain visible with a grainy appearance, including "noise" is not the modus operandi of this time.

Rembrandt van Rijn, a Golden Age painter, had an obvious aspect of style in that his brush strokes were broader, and remained visible on the canvas, which was not the modus operandi of his time. 

The images are dye and pigment ink printed on glossy paper that enhances the effect of craquelure, which gives that photographic images an allure of antiquity.

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