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“The King is Dead, Long Live the King”, an intriguing feature in this region is that palaces are built for the lifetime of one King only. His offspring build their own, the abodes of their fathers left to wither and what remains is a mere memory of its previous self. The old perishes and becomes a shadow of it’s own, a witness, foretelling of what will come next.

While roaming these ruins, the abandoned palaces in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it is impossible not to be touched by the eerie feeling of deja vu. With only some details left and some vivid imagination one can easily recognize the glorious opulence these palaces once harbored.

How servants made themselves discreet in adorned corners, children darting about, and the King’s wives transitioning from their crimson and rosy chambers to the verdant and azure Royal Bedchamber, their soft feet gracing layers of the most exquisite carpets, they found themselves enveloped in a treasury of vibrant colors, all framed in gold and silver, once sumptuous and flourishing, much like the colorful tale of ‘A Thousand and One Nights’.

Driven by the quest to capture and resurrect the regal essence of bygone eras through the camera lens and, with reverence for history, paying homage to the luminous past by weaving together vintage pictures and infusing software life into the shadows of history.

Shadows of the Past (6).jpg
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