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For as long as Aljohara Jeje can remember, she has been a woman and an artist. Internationally acclaimed, Aljohara has lived all over the world, and her work has garnered widespread recognition both before and after her 20+ year professional hiatus. Her work is rooted in observation, and an empathetic understanding of cultures both native and foreign to herself. Aljohara is always able to capture a sense of respect and honor for the rich history and traditions of those around her, and believes that culture is a mirror reflecting the essence of the individuals who create it. While politics and power has its influence, culture remains a dynamic and living entity, as captured in Aljohara’s work, thriving on the ever-evolving contributions of individuals and communities. Aljohara’s work is still growing, and her inspiration thrives as she creates dynamic and explorative pieces in response to the human world around her.

Aljohara Jeje 7X7 300dpi.jpg


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